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Conscious Creator Co.

Capture what you do,
so it invites the clients
it is designed to serve

You know you have something impactful to offer.
You love the unique style/approach you bring to it.
You want this service to reach its full potential. 

That's where I step in...

Conscious marketing consultant

Hi, I'm Emma 

"a champion of creative & artistic freedom...

here to bring something old into new contexts"

- Written In The Stars (ok, my astrology).


 Time and time again I see people create, embody and deliver the most beautiful offerings only to not see them fully received in the way they are worthy of. Why? Because there is a disconnect between the offering and the marketing of it. The most wonderfully unique people/services are being squashed into marketing formulas/templates that do not fully capture their brilliance, which means they will never truly speak to those they are designed to serve. 

So my mission is simple: apply my decade of experience in Advertising Psychology to offer guidance in mirroring you/your service within your marketing so it connects with those it is meant for... basically sign clients that LOVE what you do and can truly benefit from it. 

Conscious marketing consultant

Let's Land With Connection.

If you aren't fully connected to your creations or sure that they truly capture what you do,
this freebie is for you. 

My intention is for you to find the balance between loving what you create and truly capturing what you do so your offerings are irresistible to those they serve.
So I created a FREE class for that... 

Content creation tips for conscious business ownersw

Work With Me

Marketing for conscious business owners

The deepest dive into your creations to ensure they communicate the impact of your offering and connect to aligned clients. 

Conscious Marketing


Learn the art of creating in a way that connects in your own time and energy -
with just as much impact. 

Minimalist marketing strategies

Have your content written for you, as though it was written by you with expert copywriting that conveys your magic.


*For companies* looking to identify blocks preventing content from connecting with clients/customers & a strategy to ensure it does. 

Conscious marketing examples

As Seen On...

Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples

 FREE Resources

FREE content planner for conscious businesses

Stay organised, bring your ideas to life and enjoy content creation!

FREE stock photos for conscious businesses

Minimal pictures all captured by me in my little Cornish abode! Perfect for content.

FREE meditation library for conscious creators

Tap into your creative essence, your truth and your authenticity with these practices.

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