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Hi, I'm Emma

A multi-faceted human who finds these blank "about me" boxes incredibly daunting because, well where on Earth do I start?

I'm a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Womb Science Facilitator, Marketing Mentor, Photographer, Copywriter, Meditation, Creative Consultant and so much more!​

But that's just titles...

My Creative Journey

As a deeply creative being, I've often felt squashed in my marketing career; like I couldn't fully express myself because the rigid lens of strategy didn't create space for that. 

When I released that belief and started creating in a way that I was passionate about WHILST intertwining principles of psychology rooted in connection  I found my balance (a Libra's dream).

The truth is, just creating whatever you want is probably not going to ensure you reach your full potential when it comes to your work meeting clients. BUT, neither is creating rigid strategies someone else has told you to make. 

My Mission Lies In The Middle

I want you to love your creations. I want you to feel as lit up sharing about what you do as you are when delivering it. I want you to express yourself and your offering through the lens of your uniqueness. 

AND I want that to connect to those it serves. I want you to have the impact you are destined to have. I want your brilliance to be discovered.


My Astrology says it better (of course!): 

"a champion of creative & artistic freedom... here to bring something old into new contexts".

"life's obsession is learning to unlock the gifts of powerful communication, by mastering the control of language"

"With Chiron in the 1st house, you make a natural mentor. You possess an uncanny ability to see souls in their own terms & detect strategies that will help them climb from whatever murk and muck holds them back."

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