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Hi, I'm Emma

I'm on a mission to transform mundane marketing into strategies that authentically capture the brilliance of your business, without relying on unethical practices.

I bring a unique approach, combining a decade of experience in marketing psychology, copywriting, and photography with my background as a yoga and meditation teacher.


This magic concoction allows me to work with conscious businesses to create marketing that both reflects their values/impact AND effectively sells their services.


"Emma is unlike any marketing professional I've ever met"

Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples


I love Podcasts. I've hosted my own for years and featured on some epic ones too! 

Some potential topics I can speak on...

✸ Understanding the Creative Process To Enhance Your Creations 

✸ How to Fall in Love With Marketing & Sign Clients Doing So

✸ Why "Icky" Marketing Is Rife & How To Ensure You Don't Fall Into It

✸ The Biggest Mistakes I See In Marketing & How To Avoid Them

*This are just ideas, I'd love to hear yours too!

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Listen to my latest feature...


I'd love to collaborate by joining your retreat, residing in your space, or engaging with your project, offering valuable content creation, marketing audits, and comprehensive strategiesI work best when fully immersed in the intricacies of your work, understanding it from the perspective of your clients to apply marketing psychology to discern what truly resonates with them. Here's a sample of how this may look: 

From you: A stay in your space, or exchange of your service 

From me: a full marketing audit, strategy and any content agreed upon to fully capture your service *worth £1500+


"I've worked with many, many, many mentors over the years and you have by far been the best and most brilliant "


Creative Yoga/Meditations:

Every inch of my chart is rooted in creation. Enhancing the creative process is my jam and it's also an essential part of my mission to ensure people love sharing.

 Whether you are hosting a retreat, would like pre-recorded options or one-off classes, I can put together something for you!

✸ Creative vinyasa and yin 

✸ Meditations to enhance creative processs

✸ Visualisations for visionaries


I have been teaching masterclasses and workshops for over 5 years now and they are truly where I come alive. Whether it's featured in your course, membership, retreat or a drop in for your clients, I'd love to riff on a number of topics. 

✸ The Mechanics of the Creative Process - Get Unstuck and Re-Ignite your Creative Fiire. 

✸ Mirrored Marketing - How To Ensure Your Marketing is a Mirror of You & Your Services

✸ Connecting > Convincing - How to Move Away From Icky Marketing 

If you pitch me what you do, I can also tailor an idea to you!


Get in Touch!

Even if it's just an idea,

I want to hear from you!

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