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Why Your Marketing Isn't Selling Your Service... Yet

If you are someone who is consistently practicing conscious marketing to sell your service and yet your efforts don't match the reward, then you're in the right place. Let's be honest, marketing is time-consuming and when you are a business owner already juggling multiple roles, you need it to be effective. For that to happen, it's always helpful to start with why your marketing isn't selling your service... yet. I say yet, because usually all it takes is a few small teaks to have a huge impact, which you will be able to make by the end of this blog post.

Reason 1: Your marketing doesn't convey the impact clearly.

For people to make an investment they need to see the value before hitting buy. If your marketing isn't clearly conveying how your product will benefit people, they won't progress any further with it. This sounds incredibly simple, but I spend most of my days auditing and I'd say 80% of people haven't actually mastered this within their marketing. Truly activating marketing makes hitting buy a "no-brainer" for potential clients by clearly conveying that it is a service that they would benefit from. It doesn't matter how "fancy" your marketing is, if it doesn't pass this step it won't be effective.

Some questions to convey the impact of your service:

Where are people arriving at your marketing?

What problem do they want solving?

How do you do that?

What will they leave your service with?

Reason 2: Your marketing isn't activating potential clients

The information above is a great way to start activating potential clients, but there are so many ways we can enhance their experience. We can activate through storytelling, empowering, resonating, educating, inspiring and so much more. But, before we can do any of that, it's really about understanding. The more you get to know your ideal client, the more you can actually speak in a language they will understanding. The more you can know what they desire, the more you can excite them about your service. The more you can align with what they value, the more of a connection you will have.And this isn't found by sitting behind your screen and guessing. It's found in the flow of your service, discussions you have, moments you observe and reflections you make on your own journey.

Some questions to activate clients:

Where does your service meet people in their day to day lives?

If you could wave a magic wand for your clients what would you give them?

What lightbulbs can you create so potential clients can see their current reality and how it isn't serving them?

How can you make people feel seen from the moment they step into your space?

Reason 3: Your marketing doesn't mirror your service

The temptation to follow marketing strategies that have worked for others is so tempting when you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with your own. The problem with this is that doing so won't be an energetic match to your service, so it won't be magnetic to the kinds of clients you serve. For people to be activated by your marketing and want to hit buy on your offering, they first need to have felt what it feels like to be IN it. This means being able to mirror the energy, uniquness, transformation and impact of your service within your marketing. Once people have a taste and realise how much it will benefit them, that "buy" button becomes irresistible.

Want an expert eyes to see where your marketing can be more effective at selling your service?

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