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Why Your Content Isn't Connecting to Clients

Why Your Content Isn't Connecting
Why Your Content Isn't Connecting

There isn't a doubt in my mind that the content you are creating is good, but is it connecting to clients? As a business owner, it's ok to fully own that you want your service to do exactly that... serve people. I really believe that 2024 is the year that we actually step into owning the marketing of our services more, but just in a way that is rooted in connection over icky/bro/sleazy marketing.

It's no secret that the older styles of marketing (*cough, the manipulative ones) are spotted from a mile off and are no longer effective (thank goodness). But, that doesn't mean you need to avoid marketing altogether. If you are a service provider with a genuine passion for what you do and confidence you can create an impact for people, then you just need to be focusing on conscious marketing that you love... and aligned clients can't resist.

So, let's dive into why your content isn't connecting to clients.

It is rooted in convincing energy.

You know when you are walking down the street and you spot a sales rep, what do you do? If you are a better human than me, then you might go out of your way to speak to those people, hear what they have to say and empty your purse. Or, if you are less of a decent human like me, you'll keep your eyes down, change course and feign busyness to avoid being accosted. Now, imagine that same person on the street is someone you bumped into a coffee shop after realising you are reading the same book. You strike up a conversation about life in general, click instantly and feel at peace in each other's presence. They just so happen to mention what they do, why they are passionate about it and let you see how it might serve you for yourself. Which scenario do you think you are going to be more open to?

These same scenarios are what I see play out in content all of the time. People bombarding with the details when they haven't yet understood if it something they would like to receive, accosting in a way that is obviously selling and not taking the time to form relationships with people before deepening the discussion. This is what I refer to as "convincing energy" are there are so many reasons why this could be blocking you from connecting with clients!

I have an entire FREE masterclass on exactly this so you can determine if you are entering into this energy and learn how to shift out of it.

People aren't ready to receive what you have to say/offer.

Let's continue with this example. In the first scenario you may not have been open to receiving the information. Someone is stopping you when you are not in the mindset to be open to hearing about what they have to say. The very act of being interrupted with something you know is a sale puts your guard up and you shut down to something you may actually be interested in! In the second scenario, you connect on a human to human level with safety and are presented with information naturally, in a space where you are more likely to be open to receive it. It doesn't feel like selling is put on you, instead it invites you to come to your own conclusion of whether you resonate/could benefit.

If you are looking to connect to clients through content, then this needs to be considered. People recognise a sale from a mile off and tend to run from it (even if it's something that could benefit them). Building resonance, storytelling, aligning with people's values and being the living embodiment of what you do/share creates an invitation to connect on a human to human level, first. This means that people know whether something is for them and if they have stuck around this long, they are actually ready to hear more.

You're telling people what you do, instead of showing them.

Which leads us to the importance of not just telling people what you do. To me, the constant dropping of sales graphics is a close equivalent to the sales reps in the street. Why? Because it feels like someone standing there listing off all the details of a service that is a) an obvious sell and b) a little boring! Without the connection, first, people tend to have very little interest in hearing about the nitty gritty of what you do. First, they want to see how you live and breathe it, why you decided to offer and the uniquness you bring. Then, they want to see how it relates to them, how it serves and the impact it will have on their life. When you lead with X zoom calls etc, people cannot fully see how this service relates to/would benefit them and are not interested.

Attention needs to be captured by storytelling, capturing the essence of what you do (not the details) and evidence of the transformation it can create. If people aren't able to see how their lives will be altered, they aren't interested. You work is far more powerful than generic, cookie-cutter marketing templates. If you want people to connect with you, then your uniquness and essence needs to be felt!

And if you want to learn how to do that, I have an entire course on creating content that connects.


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