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What is Conscious Marketing... and Why Is It Key To Business Growth?

How to use conscious marketing strategies to grow your business,
Conscious Marketing Strategies

Conscious marketing in its broadest sense refers to the ethical and socially responsible practice of sharing about a product. Sounds a little stiff, doesn't it? Whenever I read about ethical marketing I think it makes it sound a little dull... when Advertising was born to be sexy! I really hate the way it's painted to be a little mundane, when the truth is that conscious marketing is far more enjoyable than any traditional methods I have seen.

What's my Conscious Marketing definition?

Well, firstly it's a mirror of your actual offering. If you clicked on this blog, then my guess is that you are doing good work! Whether that's for the planet, for individuals or the collective, if you are interested in conscious marketing than it's highly likely that you are interested in creating safety, having a positive impact, empowering people and making a difference to the lives of others. Your marketing needs to be reflective of that energy and conscious techniques are a way to ensure that actually happens.

Conscious marketing is also rooted in empowering people to purchase your service. Traditional methods of marketing focus on getting sales and are usually versed in fear/forceful techniques that prey on people's insecurities/inadequacies to encourage them to buy. This is very much rooted in "convincing" energy, where you try to make people realise your creation is for them. The problem here is that it feels "off" for those recieving it and even if it makes you sales, it probably won't bring loyal, aligned or empowered customers isn't your space.

I have a free masterclass on how to move away from convincing energy and practice conscious marketing:

This class is designed to everything you need to know on how conscious marketing moves away from traditional techniques to a) be an energetic match to your service/product and b) attract customers that don't just hit "buy", but love what you do! To me, this is the only route to building a successful business because a service that isn't up to scratch, sold by forceful techniques is not going to bring you the kind of customers that stick around, recommend you or leave a positive review (all the holy grail of expansion).

What is a Conscious Marketing strategy?

A huge part of practicing ethical marketing is speaking to those who are ready to receive your invitation. Where traditional marketing focuses on pulling people in, a conscious approach requires you to take people on a journey where they use their own authority to make their purchasing decisions from an empowered place. It's prioritising people actually feeling good about hitting "buy" not just the sale in itself.

So what are some conscious marketing examples?

The process I take clients on is a simple, but effective one. It speaks to people that have never heard of your services, those who are aware, but not yet action-orientated and those who are already tempted to hit buy. Why? Because conscious marketing meets people where they are, it doesn't force when people aren't ready.

Step 1: Understanding Where People Are

This step helps you understand what is going to resonate with people and where what you have to offer meets their lives. There is no point speaking to people with information they aren't ready to receive, won't understand or aren't interested in. This step is key to identifying that so you can create intrigue, lightbulb moments and openness. You can start here:

  • What awareness do people have of what you offer and of you?

  • How aware of their current reality/problem/situation are people?

  • What are they likely to receive/understand in regards to the above?

Conscious marketing to grow your business.

Step 2: Inspiring Action

Even if people are aware of what you do and how it is of service, that doesn't mean they are in place to take action (it is still operating from a place of "convincing energy" to sell to people here). Once people are aware of their reality and how your service meets them there, empowering action is essential to ensure you are practicing conscious marketing. Some thoughts to consider here:

  • What would empower people to take action?

  • How can you paint the picture of what could be possible post-action?

  • What evidence can you provide to support this?

Step 3: Empowering Invitations

It's only now that conscious marketing principles would invite in any kind of selling because by this point, people are ready to receive it. Still though, you need to be aware of the way you are inviting people to hit "buy". It's important to make sure people make the decision based on their own authority and it feels like an expansive decision. The way you invite people is essential in ensuring you are actually practicing conscious marketing. What you can check in with here:

  • How do people want to feel hitting buy AND how can I encourage that with the invitation?

  • What resistance might people have to buying AND how can I acknowledge that with safety?

  • Where can you showcase why what you have is unique and impactful/effective even more?

And that's the basics of Conscious Marketing!

If you want to learn how to apply this to our own business to grow it with marketing that is a mirror of what you do, then I have an entire course on that... AND the first class is FREE. Dive in.


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