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Reconnecting to Creativity in a Constructed Content World

Over the past few years, I’ve watched content creation morph into a mechanical process that has zapped the life out of it. Stories have turned into sales. Passions have become propositions. Creativity has become controlled. What was once an outlet and an expression has become a rigid cage where people are confined to the restraints of trends, algorithms, formulas and templates.

Not to dwell too deeply on the past, but I often reflect on when I first started my account. The UK had just entered its first lockdown and I stepped off a plane from a 1000-acre farm in New Zealand having just completed my yoga teacher training. I felt the most present, connected and creative I have ever felt. Landing back home, I was desperate to cling onto that in ways I struggled to find moving back into my childhood home.

Enter: Conscious Creator Co.

Each day I would share my reflections and realisations to basically no one. I posted my poems. My art. My musings. And, of course, banana bread. Very quickly, I made online connections, found inspiration and felt expressed. The little app on my phone had filled a gap that I couldn’t find in my reality and I was so grateful for it (psychology actually suggests that’s what social media does for us all).

Then, when the world started to open up again I invited my online and “real” worlds to collide in the form of yoga brunches, moon circles and retreats. Every single one booked out and honestly, it all felt really easy. I really thought I’d cracked this whole “doing what I love” thing. Of course, that didn’t last. Not in a pessimistic way, it’s just the world changes even quicker than usual in the online world and it wasn’t long before the push for “more” entered.

Enter: The biz coach era

It’s only natural that after a prolonged period of an extreme retreat period, a “go, go go” energy will enter. It’s a pendulum swing and we were plunged pretty hard into stillness during the pandemic, so naturally an urgency creeped in after. Suddenly, my banana-bread-filled newsfeed became all business. Every other post was an ad, a boast of 10k months or an instruction of how I “should” create.

*Hands up I participated in this too!”

It felt pretty hard not to. I was driven by fear that simply having something impactful to share wasn’t enough. That people wouldn’t want what little old me had to offer. Fear that I should do what others had proven to work if I wanted to be successful. The truth is, I know my authority is that I know my shit when it comes to marketing, and yet, I didn’t stand strong enough in that. I doubted myself.

Of course, I fell out of love with my passion quick.

Somewhere along the way, content came about sitting behind a screen and constructing. My voice was caveated to the point of confusion. My creative essence was zapped and my own expression didn’t light me up anymore. So I stepped back. I reconnected to my sacred creative energy and fell in love with putting pen to paper again.

And now, I’m in a place of finding the balance between the two as the pendulum swing slows down and bounces in the centre. I’m spending less time trying to sell my offering and more time embodying it and expressing it from that place. I’m prioritising my impact over income. I’m falling back in love with what I do and allowing that light to be a beacon to clients. The truth is, just posting pictures of your banana bread won’t sell your offering, but neither will rigid graphics outlining every detail of it. My mission for 2024 is to bring people into a balance between the two. To fall in love with creating, feel passionate about what I’m sharing and attract people into my offerings from that place.

And I’m starting with a free class to help you do exactly that:


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