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I’m Bored of Marketing...

Let’s cut to the point: I’m bored of marketing.

Now, to be clear. At its core, I love marketing. I love the opportunity for connection, resonance and mirroring it presents. There’s so much possibility that lies within sharing about what you do. Connecting with aligned souls who you can serve. Letting your creative expression shine through. Just thinking about all this makes me fizz inside.

And yet, every time I open my newsfeed, I’m met with the same cookie-cutter templates of advertising that bore me to tears. You know the ones…

“Is this you…”

“This is for you if…”

“Top tips for…”

“This is how you…”

As someone who genuinely adores creation, it pains me to think that people feel like they have to fit these moulds of marketing to connect to clients.

For a while now, I’ve felt really lost.

I have so much I want to share with the world, and yet, the current realms of marketing make me dread ever actually sharing it. Surely, the beauty of what I offer, the expansive energy I put into all I do, and my extraordinary uniqueness can’t be reduced down to damn-right dull ways of sharing about them.

I’ve been sitting on this edge for a while, wondering where I stand in this noisy marketing world. But, of course, my place in this world was written in the stars already (no, I’m not just being a giant cringe, I’m talking about my astrology)…

"a champion of creative & artistic freedom... here to bring something old into new contexts".

Of course, I’m here to champion change.

Nothing I see is lighting me up, the constraints of creation are destroying my soul and I’m feeling wildly unfulfilled because I am SUPPOSED to be. I’m not supposed to want to create in the ways I’m seeing unfold in front of me. I’m here to be a pioneer for doing things differently.

Ever since I read this one snippet of my astrology I’ve been truly lit up. Staying up too late lost in flow. Excitedly overwhelmed with all I have to share. Passionate for the first time in a really long time. Clear on how I want to be of service. Ready to uncover new ways of doing things.

For a while, I’ve been weighed down by what I know.

Having a decade’s experience in marketing is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a gift because I understand the true psychological principles of Advertising so I know how to connect through creation on a deeper level. But, it also holds me back because I get caught up in what was, instead of what there could be.

So, I’m releasing the constraints of creation. And, I’m creating courses, resources and classes that I genuinely believe will change the trajectory of marketing for business owners. I’m on a mission to ensure people love sharing about what they do as much as they enjoy delivering it. To show people how to mirror the energy of their offerings within their marketing (not just create through dull, lifeless templates). To guide the people doing genuinely good work towards aligned clients in a way that feels natural and easeful. To enhance people’s creative essence in a noisy, boring world of creation.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m excited and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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