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How To Practice Marketing Without Marketing

Marketing without marketing
Marketing without marketing

If you have found yourself on my blog, then you're probably someone who is interested in conscious marketing because you want it to be a true reflection of the conscious business you run. Something I've noticed a lot when with business owners like you is the desire to practice marketing without marketing. Of course, you want to share about what you do because you know it can genuinely serve people and you want to have income. But the idea of actually marketing that in most of the ways you see out there? No thanks!

Well, you're in the right place.

I'm a big fan of marketing without marketing. As someone who has been in the industry it's not because I don't enjoy it. In fact, the opposite is true. I adore conscious marketing because I believe it offers so many opportunities to be so creative with the way work is captured and invitations are extended to clients. I don't think we need to fit into the generic lenses of "is this you?" and "my offering does x, y and z". There's no doubt that information is important, but I don't believe it a) captures your uniqueness and b) captures the attention of your ideal clients.

I have put together an entire FREE class on this.

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To me, a lot of the typical marketing methods are rooted in trying to convince someone that your offering is for them... which doesn't feel good for anyone. I also believe it is this kind of creation that leads people like you to the question "how do I market without marketing?". It's not a true mirror of the brilliance that you have to share with the world and it's probably not going to appeal to the kinds of people you want to work with.

So how you practice marketing without marketing instead?

Firstly, you spend time thinking about where you service enters people's lives. Instead of just providing the details of your offering in generic ways like "this will boost your self-esteem", instead reflect on exact moments when someone your work is designed to serve might be experiencing low self-esteem. What exactly is unfolding for them? How aware of what is happening are they? Do they know they are experiencing low self-esteem? How ready are they to receive recognition of this? The truth is, what you think people will understand/receive/take action on is what they will and if you want to move to more conscious marketing you have to be aware of this.

Then, once you have a handle on your ideal cliental and what they are ready to receive, you don't just want to bombard them with marketing messages. Instead, you need to learn how to create natural narratives that create resonance. This means learning the art of talking to people as opposed to at them. People want to be told stories and taken on journeys. They want to see how a service enters into their lives, how it can be experienced and the impact it has. Typical marketing just tells them this, but marketing without marketing shows them!

The key to marketing without marketing.

Is learning how to capture an offering in a way that conveys the essence, uniquness and impact without directly saying those words with generic marketing "speak". It requires you to create in a way that resonates, tell stories and capture the energy of your offering... balancing that with capturing the impact of the service. It's definitely an art! And one I teach in my signature Content That Connects course... which you can watch the first class of for FREE.

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