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How To Love Marketing & Invite Aligned Clients

As someone who has been in marketing for almost a decade, it saddens me to hear when people say they hate it (although I completely understand why they do). So much of my work has been rooted in understanding why people feel in deep alignment with their service, only to experience such a huge disconnect when it comes to sharing it with others. Being a seemingly rare individual who genuinely adores marketing and gets so excited to create for an upcoming offering, I truly want others to feel the same way and part of that mission is first understanding why they don’t.

Here’s what I’ve been sitting with when it comes to a distaste for marketing:

So much of what we see is rooted in trying to convince people that they should engage with/buy what we have to offer. I know I’ve slipped into this when I’ve heard the voice of doubt tell me that I’m not good enough and people won’t want what I have to share. The irony is that most of the people I work with are rooted in creating a safe space… and yet, the art of convincing feels like the total opposite. Not to mention that if we are “successful” in our convincing, these people often turn out to be the ones that don’t actually feel aligned for us to work with (the kind that leads us to thoughts like “maybe I’m not in the right work” or “am I even good at what I do?”). And yet, so often we see the narrative that the goal should be just to get clients in, to earn X amount or to always be in a space of pushing forward and expanding… even if that means convincing people to be in our spaces.

The truth is marketing is never about convincing.

The “business” coaches of this world will make you believe it is because they aren’t actually educated on the psychological mechanics of marketing. They simplify it down to “convincing” people to buy so a) their strategy works, b) their income rises and c) their clients does too (oops, I said it). But so many people who “successfully” sell end up feeling disconnected from the entire process and the reason they started their business in the first place. And, some never even end up getting that far because the marketing feels so out of resonance with them it doesn’t even get started.

The problem I believe is that marketing isn’t being taught properly. Much of what we see out there attempts to sign as many clients as possible and market in old formulas that drive sales. The problem here? If you are someone who is rooted in having a genuine impact, creating a safe space, aligning with your values and remaining in your integrity, then this style of marketing is going to ask you to compromise that.

True marketing doesn’t ask this of you.

Why? Because it’s an energetic match to your offering. It understands the mechanics of speaking to people who are ready to receive. It takes people on a journey of being able to see if a service is for them and empowers them to take the next step. In the same way your offering probably does, it prioritises being in tune with people’s energy and meeting them with what they need. And I hate to be the one to break this to you, but if your offering does that, but your marketing doesn’t then you are never going to be in a position to invite aligned clients into it.

If you’ve read this far then I know you are a purposeful being seeking genuine fulfilment and service from what you do. So understanding exactly how your work meets people where they are, the way it intercepts people’s lives and the resonance it will have with your niche is the first step to connecting with (not convincing) potential clients.

That’s exactly what my free masterclass is designed to help you uncover.


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