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How a Sales Page Put Me Off Spending £1k I Was Ready to Invest

The other day I was driving along listening to a Podcast to offer some nurturing to my healing heart. The words resonated deeply with me and the techniques mentioned sounded like an expansive experience I wanted to explore further. I clicked straight through to the website (once I’d parked of course), fully ready to invest in this offering.

Until the first words I met on the sales page were:

“Are you perpetually single”

“Jumping from person to person?”

“Feeling like you’re going to be alone forever?”

Well, shit. No, actually I wasn’t. I was feeling really expansive and empowered… now, not so much. In an instant, I switched to feeling pretty crappy about myself, with absolutely no desire to invest in this program because according to this, I’m broken, aren’t I? So, what’s the point?

This idea we are broken and need fixing is rife in marketing.

This message that we have to paint a picture and sell to people’s “pain points” is what we are constantly fed to be an “effective form of marketing”. And, in all honesty, a few years ago this kind of selling would have probably had me hook, line and sinker. During a time I was feeling pretty insecure in myself I would have jumped on this as an opportunity to be “fixed”.

And, when months in it didn’t fix me (because spoiler alert, a) I don’t need fixing and b) no one else could do that for me anyway), I’d be left feeling even more lost and slightly pissed I’d invested so much in something that “didn’t work” - sound familiar?

I’ve heard several accounts of this over the past year.

People who’ve fallen for scarcity marketing, which brought them into a place of brokenness, to encourage an investment that would “put them back together”. And here’s the thing: for some people, that may work. But, more often than not even if it makes a sale, it results in clients that don’t feel good to work with (if you’re the facilitator), or facilitators that you feel icky towards (if you are the client).

Honestly, after reading this sales page I was feeling a little hopeless, but I knew I still craved support. I searched around and found page after page with similar messaging and every time I came away with the same feeling: I’ve done so much healing to not feel broken, why do these facilitators insist on implying that I am?

And, then I stumbled across a different sales page.

I opened the page apprehensive and not in the mood to feel shit about myself, but was instead met with:

“I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. I will not fix you, for you are not broken. I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness. I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.”

I was completely shocked to realise that once I had reached the bottom of the page my eyes were wet with tears. Wow, so this what it’s like to feel held on a sales page, huh?

And here’s the key:

You will hear me say very often that your marketing is a mirror. How people feel when receiving your marketing sets the precedent for how you want them to feel during your offering. Read that again. If your marketing places me in a headspace rooted in lack, brokenness or unsafety, you bet that’s what I’m going to associate your offering with. And, if that is what leads me to invest in you, then the chances are that nothing you offer will be never good enough for me because I’ve entered in with a “not enough” energy.

Here’s the big difference between the first and second landing page.

The first tried to convince me. The very energy of convincing is instantly rooted in lack. It tells me that you don’t believe you are worthy of having me book onto your offering… and mirrors the sensation of unworthiness back to me (remember, marketing = mirror). That’s why it doesn’t feel good for either of us.

The second, led with connection. It placed me into a place of abundance and never led to me feeling any kind of force from the facilitator. Therefore, it felt expansive and energetically matched for me. I stepped into the offering with complete confidence both in the offering and the facilitator because that’s the energy that was transmitted within the marketing.

And how to do this is exactly what I’m covering in my masterclass Convincing > Connecting.


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