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5 Tweaks to Make to Your Website to Create a Clearer Invitation to Clients

I like to think of your website as the home of your business. How people feel when they enter, what they are offered as the sit down and the general feeling they get from being in your company determines if they want to stick around. Well, your website is the same. When created effectively, a website is a space that mirrors your offerings energy, impact and ultimately helps people make a decision on whether they want to stick around. If isn't effective at clearly conveying this you could potentially missing out on clients that you can have a genuine impact for.

So let's dive into 5 Tweaks to Make to Your Website to Create a Clearer Invitation to Clients

Opening your website.

One thing I say to my clients a lot is "how do you want people to feel when they first enter your {insert whatever it is you do here}?" - that's how they should feel when they enter your website. Think about the example of a home. You are really creating the sensation of being in your space here. What would it smell like? What temperature would it be? How do you want people to feel? What kinds of ways would you welcome them? If you can capture a desired energy as soon as people land on the page, then they are far more likely to stick around.

Do you want people to feel instantly energised, empowered, safe, intrigued, challenged etc? Try to create that essence as soon as you can.

Selling your service.

Then once you've created the welcoming, is it immediately obvious who this website is for? We want to showcase who our service is for as soon as possible so people know that this is worth them sticking around for. The above was talking to the emotional body and creating subconscious cues (which actually leads) and this step meets the conscious mind that has caught up. Take a look at your website and ask yourself "would my ideal client know they are in the right place?". If the answer is no, then how can you clearly convey who your service is for as concisely as possible.

Example {X for X who want to X}

Capturing your uniqueness.

Most of us don't tend to have hugely unique offerings and operate in saturated industries. This isn't a problem! It's just an opportunity to express why what you do holds a unique energy/approach/transformation etc. This doesn't need to be done drastically, either. There's no need to callout or compare your services to others (I would actually go against those narratives), all you need to do is hone on why this approach is effective and right for those on the page. Again, go back to the sensation.

Do you create a deep layer of safety?

Is your service designed to drive results?

Have you cracked the code on something that isn't common?

Is your approach a breath of fresh air for any reason?

Make it clear on what offerings will serve different people

If potential clients are sold on all of the above, but they don't fully understand what your service is, or whether it's right for them, you will lose them quickly. People can love your whole energy/vibe and feel like they want to invest, but they still need to see the value of what you do and how it will serve them.

Is it clear where this meets people?

Have you made it clear what stage people need to be at for this to serve them?

Are the outcomes of the offering clear to see?

Highlight who your service is not for

If you want to work with clients that can genuinely benefit from what you have to offer, then it's important to be crystal clear on what your service does and what is doesn't. Most of us are used to seeing the "this is for you if...", but how can you manage expectations around what it won't do for people? Not only does this ensure you are inviting in aligned clients, it's also another method of capturing your service and uniqueness. In doing so, you are creating opportunity for people to make empowered decisions and avoiding use of any unethical marketing.

I hope this helps! If you would like to make any changes and then check to see how they land from a marketing experts prospective, you can book an audit with me now!


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