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5 Things I'm Looking For When I Audit a Website

Time and time again I dive into incredible service providers websites and I'm left with some frustration (classic Generator) because I know just how much of an impact they have, but their website isn't conveying that. I know I sound like a broken record, but your marketing should be a mirror of your service and nowhere is that as true as your website. I often see it as the home of your offerings, so if it isn't properly capturing them, then there is going to be a huge snag in your sales. I get that the task writing your entire website can feel really overwhelming and if you've read this and just thought "I wish it was just done for me, then click here". But, if you want to make sure your website is a true capture of your service and actually sells what you do, then this blog post will be helpful for you!

5 Things I'm Looking For When I Audit a Website

First things first, I want to know I'm in the right place as soon as I land.

The immediate questions I'm asking myself is a) do I know I’m in the right place

and b) do I want to stick around? There are two ways that these questions are answered for me. The first, is do I like the vibe here? And by that, I mean do I enjoy the visuals? Do I like the sensation they create? Does the branding make me want to stay a little longer? Then, the second is do the words tell me that what I'm looking for can be found here? Do they make me feel seen? Do they clearly show that I want to know more about what's on offer here? The first capture on a website is the arguably the most important. You only have a short window to make people want to stick around, so this is the moment to make sure they do!

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Then, I see where the website journey takes me.

A lot of the website I see send people in a bunch of different directions. This instantly creates overwhelm and doesn't capture a potential client. Here I'm seeing if the website flows with a natural progression. Does it paint a clear picture of where I'm at right now so I can confirm I want to know more? Does it showcase you to be the expert so I get excited about what you have to offer? Does it empower me to believe in the transformation you offer? This phase of the website is very much still about capturing, so I'm still looking to see if I want to keep scrolling.

After that I'm looking for a clear next step.

Once I'm captured, I want the next step to be a "no brainer" for me. You wouldn't believe how many websites I look at and have no clue what is actually on offer. Or, I have so many things to choose from that I have choice paralysis and do nothing. Crafting the perfect freebie, or introduction to your service needs to be rooted in the psychology of where people are and what the "hell yes" next step is for them. It needs to meet me exactly where I am and make the next part of the journey one I know I want to embark on. If it doesn't do that, again, I'm clicking off. It if it does, then a website is effectively doing its job.

Then, I want to see the expertise behind the service.

I might love what's on offer, but do I trust who is delivering that? Can I see your uniquness? Do I know why you are the one to deliver this? Do I trust in what you have to say? Even if I think something might benefit me, I still want to form a deep resonance with the person delivering it. Then, I also want to see how the service has worked for others. And not in long testimonials that I can't be bothered to read. In short, snappy and statements and intriguing stories. Are the testimonials presented in a way that excites me and makes me believe in what is possible for me? If not, I might not be able to trust in the service.

Finally, I want to be left with a feeling.

I might not make a decision right away (which is totally normal, we don't want to encourage any kind of force, lack or urgency in our marketing). So, I want the feeling to stick around. When I'm next experiencing a struggle, is this service going to pop into my mind? The website needs to be a journey right up until the exit. Here, I'm looking for if there's anything that is going to have a lasting impact on me. Is there any association I'm going to make with this service? Will this be at the top of my mind when something sparks that I need it? This step is honestly a combination of all the above. It's the elements all working in harmony in a way that makes this a truly memorable experience and can be found as I go down the page as a whole.

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