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make your marketing strategy a perfect match to the impact of your service, and the uniqueness you bring to it, so the right customers/clients want to hit buy.


Are ready to stop second-guessing

your marketing?

The marketing world is noisy

All you want to do is deliver the service you love and you know you can create a genuine impact with, but there's always a new trend to jump on, strategy to implement and technique to hone in on that makes marketing it overwhelming. 

But what if you could turn down the volume on all of that knowing that you have your own marketing strategy designed to showcase the impact of what you do, in a way that activates the clients/customers it is designed for?


Enter: The Marketing Map.

Together, we spend 4 weeks creating you the ultimate marketing strategy that:

Fully conveys the brilliance of your service in a way that will activate clients and grow your business.

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Despite studying Advertising psychology and working with some of the biggest brands in the industry over the past decade, I still don't see myself as the market expert your business needs. 

Why? Because the best marketing "expert" for your business is you

My mission is NOT to tell you what to create and give you a copy-and-paste strategy to implement. It's to work WITH you on making your marketing the greatest reflection of you and your service.

Sprinkling in my ability to sit in the seat of your client to know what will activate them and you have the kind of marketing that you will love... and that will grow your business. 

FREE personalised dashboard included:


I'm going to be honest, this intensive is intense. We dive deep and cover a lot of ground, so I've done everything I can to make the takeaways as easy to action as possible. 

That's why this call includes your own Notion board that is designed to help you action all of the ideas that come up, map out your content strategy and take the necessary steps to create. 


The Strategy is Simple

01. 1 x 60 minute call to take a deep dive into your service so we can fully see its impact and where it meets/benefits potential clients.  


02. 1 x 60 minute call on how to create marketing that fully conveys the above to take clients on a journey of being ready to buy


03. 1 x Notion Marketing strategy board completely customised to you so you can action the intensive with ease 

04.  1 full audit *after* you've implemented all of the marketing changes so you can squeeze the most out of my expertise

Want a taste of the magic?

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Hi, I'm Emma! 

As a Generator, intensives are my favourite because they create such a ripple effect of impact! I have a natural eye for connecting the dots of your service to those it is designed to serve and once you have that same clarity, SO much can change for you.


I'm not here to tell you how, or what to create. Instead, you can see me as a mirror to your magic. I just help you tease out your brilliance, reflect on how clients can connect to what you do and guide you in building marketing strategies that light both you and potential customers up. 

What You Will Walk Away With...

Confidence in your service, the unique energy YOU bring to it and the impact it has.


Knowledge of how to clearly convey all the above with marketing you love.

A clear understanding of how to speak to those you serve in a way that connects.

A bank of content ideas ready to share that take people on a journey to being ready to receive.


Clarity on how to create invitations that empower people who are *ready* to hit buy.



*Note: it would be a disservice to the potential of these containers to not acknowledge

that so much more can filter into these spaces.   

Brands I've Worked With...

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 14.12.51.png

What Clients Have to Say...


When I’m with Emma, she becomes the soundboard that relights my joy and returns me to my WHY. She allows me to stay in my zone of genius and stands so firmly in hers. Every time we bounce ideas I am left inspired and ready to connect with my audience. The way Emma asks questions allows me to come to the clear communication I’ve been praying for.

- Mollie, Adventuring Within

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 17.47.03.png

I have a solid foundation to bring on new clients & Emma breathed so much belief in me my confidence has grown so I can show up more and authentically. I LOVED working with you.

Samantha, Hypnotherapist & Coach

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 17.58.46.png

I have worked with many, many, many coaches over the past five or so years and you have by far been the best and most brilliant. I love the way you break things down. I love how you work with a client’s authentic nature and don’t shut them down for not fitting a mould. And I love how honest you are in a space that can feel overwhelming, daunting and lonely. -

Alexandra, Therapist & Mindset Coach


I was about to give up on my business. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and like I had no idea what I was actually doing. I have a clear understanding in who I help. I have gained followers and actually have engagement on my posts just from being my true self -

Katie, Energy Healer

Not Ready for 1:2:1 Just Yet?

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Content That Connects

Learn how to create content that connects to clients.

✸ 5 x 15-minute modules (easy to watch & absorb!)

✸ An actionable Notion board to bring creations to life

Lifetime access to keep absorbing the magic

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