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For Brands

Identify the blocks preventing your marketing from CONVERTING more customers and receive a strategy that has them

REPEATEDLY hitting "BUY" instead.

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You know you have a product/service

that is worthy of being in demand.

You are doing all the "right" things in marketing

(or you have no clue what the "right things are"),

but it feels like something is missing

You're getting in front of customers,

but you know more of them could be hitting "buy". 

You know it's not the product/service itself (because that's incredible!),

it's just that your marketing doesn't quite have kind of the

"wow" factor it is worthy of.

Let's find out why...


Most marketing...

 only target the conscious mind.​

The Problem?

95% of decisions are made by the subconscious.​

That means that no matter how much you post, advertise or design, your marketing isn't going to actually translate into as many sales as your product/service is worthy of (or create superfans of your brand!). ​​

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My Approach?

5% Conscious + 95% Subconscious = 100% Sustainable Success​


For over a decade I've worked with brands across the globe to ensure their marketing not only matches the brilliance of their services, but also stands out in a crowded market. 

Using marketing psychology I go deeper and consider the way the human brain processes information and makes decisions. This means I know the secrets to people loving your brand.

I'm not here for the quick wins. I build strategies that last.

Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples
Conscious marketing examples

How Do I Do This?

In-depth Customer Psychology:

I dive deep into the desires and motivators of your customers to know exactly what will excite them about your service.

Standout Messaging:

I create a clear, compelling showcase of what makes you stand out so you become the "go-to" choice in your industry

Creating Superfans:

I develop comprehensive strategies that transform your customers into loyal superfans, ensuring sustainable success.

"Emma is exactly what our

business has been missing"

This isn't another


This is an actionable board that your whole team can be invited to. It's interactive, clear and easy to implement.


✓ Reviews of all your current marketing 

✓ Clear identification of gaps & actionable changes to make

✓ Suggestions for changes with real life-examples 

✓ Messaging improvements to copy & paste 

✓ Optionable: Done For You service to action all of the above

011 x 60 minute call to nail down the foundations to ensure your branding, messaging and targeting are clear and compelling. 

02. An audit of all content, sites and funnels to identify any gaps/areas creating blockages.


03A full content strategy including a website journey, funnel suggestions, content ideas and key messaging to brief to your team/agencies and action.

04Your questions answered. Anything that isn't made clear is ironed out so there is nothing stopping you going forward. 

The Strategy is Simple.

One Month. One Cost.

Brands That Have Benefited:

It's time to stop second-guessing/wasting time/throwing away money and instead,

revel in the joy of having SUPERFANS of your brand.. 

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Start with a FREE mini audit

No strings attached:

simply let me identify the gaps holding your product/service back from being snapped up.

"Emma is like no other marketing professional I've come across"

What Clients Are Saying...

We hired a social media manager and whilst they posted nice content, we weren't really connecting to potential customers. From just the free audit alone we could see where we were going wrong. Hiring Emma to create our strategy was a game-changer. We stripped our entire content creation back and implemented the new strategy... sales started pouring in instantly! Incredible service.

I was having to rely on an external booking system to find customers... which was eating into my profits. I wanted to be driving bookings from social media and a website but had no luck... until I found Emma. Her strategy transformed my content and now I don't even have an external booking system. I'm booked out just from Instagram!

We knew we didn't want to succomb to the trends and be a slave to the alogithm, but we didn't know how else to run our socials and get clients. Emma devised a strategy unique to us that was so on-brand the whole team loved it... and so did customers. Content went viral without trends and our ROAS was up by 1.5x.

I've gone from a brand new business to actually having superfan customers! Emma didn't just help me sell my product, she built me a community that is full of people who love our ethos and believe in our business as much as we do.

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