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Create trust with your truth.



There are a lot of things I see misinterpreted in the business world.

Authority is one of those things.

Over the past few years, we've seen authority in the form of

hierarchies, "this is the only way to" and "live life like me".

The problem is, that's not actual authority. 

Aligned Authority

Authority is rooted in;

your expertise, embodiment and energy. 

Essentially, it's why you are the one to do what you do. 

It's about stepping into your power,

speaking your truth

and cultivating trust in your services by doing so. 

I believe when we are aligned in our authority, we never need to engage in icky selling/marketing.

Instead, we become magnetic.

Aligned Authority

 Connect to your truth & uniqueness

✸ Stand in your power & experitise

✸ Cultivate magnetic trust for clients

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Hi, I'm Emma! 

Over the past decade I've been studying (and applying on some epic projects!) Advertising psychology to guide people in creating in a way that truly connects with customers. 

It wasn't until I qualified as a yoga teacher that I realised something: 

The people doing the best work are often the ones reaching

the least amount of people

Time and time again I attended the most incredible spaces, only to realise that hardly anyone knew they even existed. Why? Because people didn't know how to capture the energy/impact of the spaces in a way that created empowering invitations.

Well, hello personal mission to change that.  I'm so incredibly passionate about ensuring people enjoy sharing about what they do as much as they do delivering it. And, as a byproduct of that, they have the kind of impact that they dream of through signing aligned clients.


Important Note: 

This class can't tell you what your authority is, disctate exactly what to say or guarantee that you book out.

Instead, what it does is offer insight into how to ground into yourself and stand strong in your own voice - letting that take the lead in attraction.

This means it requires you to do a deep dive into self.

You'll get out of this class what you put into it... and I know you have a whole lot to give.

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Content That Connects

✸ 6 x 15-minute modules (easy to watch & absorb!)

✸ An actionable Notion board ensuring creations are brought to life with ease

✸ A community of creators to celebrate, cheerlead and connect with to enhance your creations

 Lifetime access to keep absorbing the magic


What Clients Are Saying...

Image by Darius Bashar

 Oh I've been thriving. All the shit and chaos has fallen away as it's no longer in alignment with myself and my business and now I can honestly say I'm working from a place of authenticity & alignment with my soul's truth - Katie, Energy Healer

Image by Stephanie Greene

Thank you for being so fricking awesome and allowing me to be seen. It's a very unique gift that you have and I just love everything you do -  Cat, Yoga Teacher

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

I was about to give up on my business. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and like I had no idea what I was actually doing. I have a clear understanding in who I want to help. I have gained followers and actually have engagement on my posts just from being my true self - Becky, Space Holder.

Image by Gian Cescon

I have a solid foundation to bring on new clients & Emma breathed so much belief in me my confidence has grown so I can show up more and authentically. I LOVED working with you.

Sam - Empowerment Coach

*Reviews are real - images are not to honour clients

Client Celebrations...

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