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Become the marketing expert of your

own business in just 6 weeks.


What if there was a marketing ROADMAP that feels

SO YOU, it can’t help MAGNETISE the clients MEANT FOR YOU?


It's time to ditch the generic marketing advice & formulas that were NEVER going to work for you. 

Because no marketing approach will work for you

if it isn’t a true mirror of you.



I get it:

The world of marketing is incredibly loud. 

You've tried and tested strategies that were guaranteed to work... and they didn't. Or, they worked just fine, but you hated every part of the process, which made it impossible to keep up. 

The truth is, there isn't a single marketing formula/strategy/blueprint.

Why? Because that would make it impossible for the marketing to an energetic match to your unique brilliance. 

For your marketing to be effective at conveying the magic of what you do, it has to mirror it. 

That's Where Mirrored Marketing Enters

No one knows your business better than you.

You know what that means?

The secret sauce to business success? It lies within you.

Mirrored Marketing simply teases that out of you in a way that uses

ethical marketing to activate clients.

And not in a way that's airy-fairy, but with a plug-and-go system that is completely customized to YOU and easy to implement so you enjoy marketing your service as much as you do delivering it... WHILST having the impact you know it's worthy of.

What if in just 6 weeks you could:

 have a clear idea of exactly how you serve people

AND know how to express that within your marketing.

understand how to harness your creativity to create resonance with potential clients so selling is a natural byproduct of your content.

be so confident in silencing all the noise around marketing through knowing exactly how to match the energy of your service so it is magnetic.


This ISN'T a generic one-size-fits-all system, but instead, one that is designed to help you tease out YOUR magic and translate your brilliance in a way that SELLS.

Get Started For FREE

Sit in the Seat of a Client

Imagine seeing your service through the eyes of a potential client so you know exactly what impacts and activates them?

That's what this activation is designed to help you do with:


- A guided visualisation to see your impact

- Prompts to provide clarity on how to activate 

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Why This Approach WORKS

The generic styles of learning dont' work. If you've ever bought a course only to get halfway through and give up, or reached the end with no clue how to action your learnings,

then you will know that already. 

This system is built to work.

You start by learning the why behind the marketing principles, then you apply them yourself so you know how to activate them and you finish up inputting the steps to action it.


Learning Marketing psychology principles that ensure you an expert in your own marketing. 



A system designed to apply all of the principles to your own business so it is instantly actioned.

IMG_7136 3.jpg

Hi, I'm Emma! 

Over the past decade I've been studying (and applying on some epic projects!) Advertising psychology to guide people in creating in a way that truly connects with customers. 

It wasn't until I qualified as a yoga teacher that I realised something: 

The people doing the best work are often the ones reaching

the least amount of people

Time and time again I attended the most incredible spaces, only to realise that hardly anyone knew they even existed. Why? Because people didn't know how to capture the energy/impact of the spaces in a way that created empowering invitations.

Well, hello personal mission to change that.  I'm so incredibly passionate about ensuring people enjoy sharing about what they do as much as they do delivering it. And, as a byproduct of that, they have the kind of impact that they dream of through signing aligned clients.

What Clients Are Saying...

Image by Darius Bashar

 Oh I've been thriving. All the shit and chaos has fallen away as it's no longer in alignment with myself and my business and now I can honestly say I'm working from a place of authenticity & alignment with my soul's truth -

Katie, Energy Healer

Image by Stephanie Greene

Thank you for being so fricking awesome and allowing me to be seen. It's a very unique gift that you have and I just love everything you do -  

Cat, Yoga Teacher

Image by Gian Cescon

I have a solid foundation to bring on new clients & Emma breathed so much belief in me my confidence has grown so I can show up more and authentically. I LOVED working with you.

Sam - Empowerment Coach

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

I was about to give up on my business. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and like I had no idea what I was actually doing. I have a clear understanding in who I want to help. I have gained followers and actually have engagement on my posts just from being my true self -

Becky, Space Holder.

Does it have to be compelte in 6 weeks?

Nope! That's just a guage for those looking for more direction/accountability. 

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