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DoneWith You

Connecting the dots to ensure your marketing captures

the brilliance of your offering and invites clients who will love it. 

I guess you might be expecting to see a long list titled "is this you" in this space, right?

There's no need for that here. 

I have no desire to stuff you into a cooker-cutter template

you're far too unique to squeeze yourself into. 

All I need to do is meet you as a service provider rooted in purpose,

already having an impact, with a desire to have an even greater one.


And all you need to do is meet me, a conscious marketer passionate

about you being able to do so with marketing you adore.


My Mission is Simple: 

Help the people with genuinely good offerings

reach those they are designed to serve.

Time and time again I come across incredible service providers who are frustrated by not being able to translate their magic in a way that showcases its impact to those they serve.  They know what they have to share is good, they just need others to see that too.


That's where I come in to help you capture what you do in a way that activates the clients it is made for. 



I have worked with many, many, many mentors over the past five or so years and you have by far been the best and most brilliant

Alexandra - Therapist & Coach

The Audit

Fancy having an expert's eyes on your marketing to identify any gaps and tease out more of your magic?


With an audit, you can expect a clear picture of where you might not be fully translating your brilliance and actionable steps on how to do so in a way that invites clients. 

Start Here

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The Marketing Map

When you know what you have to offer is good and you are ready for others to see that, the map is for you. 

Together, we spend a month diving into your service to capture how it is impactful, unique and needed in the lives of your potential clients. 

Then, we create a full marketing plan for conveying all of that goodness within your marketing.

✸ 2 x 60-minute calls 

✸ 30 days of content auditing 

✸ A full marketing plan for you to implement

Want to go deeper?

The Content Clinic 

Constantly coming up with all your own ideas and cheerleading all of those can be exhausting. What if there was a way you didn't have to? 

My genius is hearing you talk about:


what you've witnessed/experienced/embodied

how your service is unique/impactful

the ideas you have and how you want them to alchemise

and mirroring that back to you in the form of marketing that expands your business in a way that lights you up.

✸ 1x monthly audit

✸ 1x monthly 45-minute call to actualise your ideas into content

*3 month minimum. -works best when paired with The Marketing Map. 

Craving ongoing support?

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I’m so eternally grateful to you.

I feel so clear on everything. I feel driven. I feel like I can pave forward with power. I would not be making this kind of progress in my business without you.

Anna - HD Business Consultant


Hi, I'm Emma! 

I know it can be hard to trust mentors these days. Especially when they seem to promise the world, charge a house mortgage to deliver and rarely arrive with the promised package. 

A client once described me as "the real deal in an industry of BS" and that's honestly what I pride myself on. Yes, I have a decade's expertise, a degree and heaps of experience, but I also have a genuine passion for this work.

It's literally written in the stars that I...


"make a natural mentor... (with) an uncanny ability to see souls in their own terms & detect strategies that will help them climb from whatever murk and muck holds them back."

I can't even describe how lit up I feel being in 1:2:1 spaces with people who are passionate about their work. Each time the pieces click, the clarity surfaces and the fire burns I know I'm in the right place.


I love being your generator bestie that you can plug into for all the insight, ideas and inspiration to ensure the epic work you're doing meets the beautiful souls ready to receive it, let's go. 

I'm not going to make you unrealistic promises...

Working with me won't...

✸ Guarantee you 10k months, viral status or a whole new identity.

✸ Do the work/creation for you. 

✸ Sell an offer that isn't a genuine service rooted in real impact. 

 Give you exact formulas on how you should create.

 Guide you on how to run your business.

Instead, what it will do for you is create guidance in: 

✸ Creating content you are lit up by and excited to share

✸ Having a marketing strategy that feels nourishing and effective

✸ Knowing how to convey the true brilliance of your offering & how it serves

✸ Principles that enhance resonance & connection with clients

✸ Crafting empowering invitations that feel good to share

✸ Fully stepping into the impact you know you are capable of having


I was so close to giving up on my dream,

but I listened to my gut and that strong pull to invest in you and honestly I've never believed in myself or my business so much - 

Katie, Energetic Healer

What Clients Have to Say...


When I’m with Emma, she becomes the soundboard that relights my joy and returns me to my WHY. She allows me to stay in my zone of genius and stands so firmly in hers. Every time we bounce ideas I am left inspired and ready to connect with my audience. The way Emma asks questions allows me to come to the clear communication I’ve been praying for.

- Mollie, Adventuring Within

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 17.47.03.png

I have a solid foundation to bring on new clients & Emma breathed so much belief in me my confidence has grown so I can show up more and authentically. I LOVED working with you.

Samantha, Hypnotherapist & Coach

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 17.58.46.png

I have worked with many, many, many coaches over the past five or so years and you have by far been the best and most brilliant. I love the way you break things down. I love how you work with a client’s authentic nature and don’t shut them down for not fitting a mould. And I love how honest you are in a space that can feel overwhelming, daunting and lonely. -

Alexandra, Therapist & Mindset Coach


I was about to give up on my business. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and like I had no idea what I was actually doing. I have a clear understanding in who I help. I have gained followers and actually have engagement on my posts just from being my true self -

Katie, Energy Healer

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Not Ready for 1:2:1 Just Yet?

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Content That Connects

Learn how to create content that connects to clients.

✸ 5 x 15-minute modules (easy to watch & absorb!)

✸ An actionable Notion board to bring creations to life

Lifetime access to keep absorbing the magic

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